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So how can you help? You could start by signing the petitions:

If you want to help you send a Formal objection by email to the listed addresses :

If you feel you can talk sense to any of the counsellors you could email them:

  • Mike Hakata- creator of these ridiculous schemes and someone so far quite dismissive of residents & business’s concern:
  • Adam Jogee is the Cabinet member for Business- and could be the best point of call to explain how traders and retailers are suffering:
  • If you have concerns that the counsellors are not giving our concerns the attention they deserve- you could try the CEO of Haringey Council- Andy Donald:

Who else can I contact to complain to?

  • If you feel that the council is failing in its duty to serve the residents and businesses of the borough you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman
  • If you are a Labour supporter and have concerns that this scheme and the council as a whole is acting against the fabric and core values of the party- you can also Contact the Party to Make A Complaint.